November 20, 2017

How To Make Your Synthetic Wig Look More Realistic

These days, synthetic wigs look fantastic and most really are difficult to detect as wigs.  However, plonking them on your head and hoping that they will look fabulous won't work!  When they are new, you have to do a bit of work to make sure they look more natural. This may be just ensuring that you are styling it in a way that looks good on you so do not be afraid to use products to hold your style in place.

When your wig arrives it may have a bit of a sheen to it. The blonde colours can be worse for this.  We cover this problem in a previous blog post which can be viewed here:

The sheen does tone down when it has been washed a few times.  

Customise!!! You might need your wig trimmed to make it look more realistic. This is best done by a hairdresser and a trim can make all the difference as the style is then tailored to you!  We must stress that we are talking about a TRIM and not a full scale cut! Do not attempt this yourself! 

There are some fabulous root sprays on the market at the moment which can help to transform your wig.  These can be sprayed onto the lace to hide any shine that you are conscious might be on show.  It's doubtful that it IS on show but anything that helps the wig wearer feel more confident is a good thing in our book!  A lot of people prefer wigs with rooted colours as they feel this in itself is far more realistic but if your wig doesn't have a darker colour at the roots,  then the root sprays can help with that too. Also, if you just want to tone down any sheen, use a matching root spray colour and give your wig a light spray. The spray washes out easily.  Try looking on You Tube for help with wigs. There are some fantastic vloggers on there who review wigs and show you how they wear their own wigs and they really are a massive help and inspiration!  

Accessorise! Put sun glasses on your head! Use hats and scarves. Clip your wig up for a different look. Use a head band. Experiment!

 Be confident! The chances are no one will ever know you are wearing a wig!! 




May 05, 2017

Hair Society Collection Now ONLINE!

We are pleased to announce that the Hair Society collection which, until now has only been available in shops or by ordering on the phone or via email is now available to buy online.  This top of the range collection is the best that money can buy!  100% hand tied wigs, most with a fully hand tied mono top are made using the best possible materials and hand crafted to the very highest standard.  

Regular customers of the Hair Society collection can of course still benefit from a discount on their orders.  

We are delighted that we were one of the very first online stores to bring you the Ellen Wille collection as far back as 2003!!! 

November 11, 2016

Lace Front Fray

Lace front wigs are very popular. They give an invisible hairline and allow the hair to be brushed from the face if so desired. They have come a long way! Whilst there are still some lace front wigs that need trimming, most now come ready to wear without any adjustment to the lace needed. 

Before we talk about tackling a frayed lace front, lets mention trying to avoid the fray! Whilst it will happen eventually on any wig, looking after your wig can really prolong the life of the lace front. For instance, when washing the wig, do not rub at the lace as this will cause a break down of the material.  

However, we all scratch our heads and foreheads and wearing a wig, as we all know, can be a very itchy experience! Scratching and combing will of course add some wear and tear to your wig, but at the end of the day we all need to be comfortable and if we need a good head scratch then we have to do it! Some customers use glue to secure wigs too and this can also cause fraying.  It is best not to use glue and tape on this part. A lot of wigs have PV areas around the ears and nape to put tape or glue and to secure the wig more firmly.  We have found that most wig wearers do not use anything and the wigs stays on fine but obviously there are others who need that extra security. Wig caps can help in this situation. 

What happens then when the wig is getting older and the lace starts to fray?  It's probably time to renew your wig but in the meantime, you can get a bit more wear out of your existing one by tidying up the damaged front. We would only suggest this on an old wig!! If it all goes wrong you haven't lost anything! 

Firstly, expose the lace front by brushing the hair back from the lace front so that the hair is not in the way and will not be cut!  

The lace above is not damaged but you can see that we have moved the hair back leaving the lace easily accessible.

Using pinking shears, cut the frayed lace leaving a zig zag edge that cannot fray further. By doing this you may get a few extra weeks out of the wig. Be careful not to cut the hair too! 

Sometimes the lace can be a different colour to your forehead although usually it will blend in regardless!  You CAN put makeup on it to help camouflage the lace. Experiment on an old wig until you get the desired look you want! 


October 05, 2016

How To Stop The Shine On A Synthetic Wig

There are lots of questions that customers ask about wigs in general but getting rid of the shine on a new wig is one of the most frequent! Wigs can look *wiggy* when they are new because of the sheen, particularly on blonde wigs, but after a few washes it starts to dull down so just be patient and you will probably find that with little or no effort the fibre starts to look less glossy! If you can't be patient then there are a few tips which you might find useful. Soaking in vinegar or lemon juice will dull the sheen but it can be hard work and you often need to do it a few times to see any results. By that time you could have washed it and got the same duller look. We wouldn't recommend you do this on a brand new wig (although we have and there were no adverse effects!) However, please do not risk and damage to a new wig and try out on an older wig first if you do want to go down this route.

To the rescue comes dry shampoo! Not only is this great for those lucky enough to have a full head of hair, it's invaluable for wig wearers too. This is now classed as the number one way to tone down synthetic wig shine. Sprinkle some onto the wig and gently rub it in. This works better on lighter colours as the powder can leave a residue on darker wigs. In any event, the darker wigs tend not to look quite as shiny anyway! The dry shampoo is probably the safest option and certainly less messy than lemon juice - yes we did get pips and bits of lemon in the hair!  Try looking this subject up on You Tube.  There's tons of information on there to help with wigs. You will also find lots of invaluable information regarding applying false eyelashes if you have alopecia and have no eyelashes at all.  Help is at hand for most things to do with hair loss, alopecia, trichotillomania. 

October 05, 2016

New Perucci Collection

Ellen Wille have added some luscious new products to their Perucci collection!  We are currently adding them to the website but for those of you that cannot wait, here is a sneak peak!