October 05, 2016

How To Stop The Shine On A Synthetic Wig

There are lots of questions that customers ask about wigs in general but getting rid of the shine on a new wig is one of the most frequent! Wigs can look *wiggy* when they are new because of the sheen, particularly on blonde wigs, but after a few washes it starts to dull down so just be patient and you will probably find that with little or no effort the fibre starts to look less glossy! If you can't be patient then there are a few tips which you might find useful. Soaking in vinegar or lemon juice will dull the sheen but it can be hard work and you often need to do it a few times to see any results. By that time you could have washed it and got the same duller look. We wouldn't recommend you do this on a brand new wig (although we have and there were no adverse effects!) However, please do not risk and damage to a new wig and try out on an older wig first if you do want to go down this route.

To the rescue comes dry shampoo! Not only is this great for those lucky enough to have a full head of hair, it's invaluable for wig wearers too. This is now classed as the number one way to tone down synthetic wig shine. Sprinkle some onto the wig and gently rub it in. This works better on lighter colours as the powder can leave a residue on darker wigs. In any event, the darker wigs tend not to look quite as shiny anyway! The dry shampoo is probably the safest option and certainly less messy than lemon juice - yes we did get pips and bits of lemon in the hair!  Try looking this subject up on You Tube.  There's tons of information on there to help with wigs. You will also find lots of invaluable information regarding applying false eyelashes if you have alopecia and have no eyelashes at all.  Help is at hand for most things to do with hair loss, alopecia, trichotillomania. 

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