How to get free v bucks in Fortnite

Hy GUYS! Here we go fortnite v bucks 13.500 codes card free and skins!!! We did it again!After so many question about it and people ask me in Twitch video for How to get free v bucks! SO EASY!you only need to follow all instruction on my video , yes bro you need to do all steps to get fortnite v bucks code. I make this video to crazy people who wants to become master player and play this asewome game day by day and thinking to have favorite skin and weapons, and some sh**** .

This is safe and no need to pay , yes bro cost 0 but after followed all steps i joined into group and i foundet more tips on this game , oh i like

Some my friends is a big noob and don’t make all steps to get fortnite v bucks codes free generator he say , haha again fakes bro, after 1h i send him photo with my acccount and i say, ok bro i don’t give to you nothing because only hahaha fake , bla bla bla and maibe you do not generate anything on account.

I play live on my chanel to show another people and ban him to my chanel, don’t like when people hahaha to me,

If you wants to get some tips and tricks and 13.500 vbucks see this video and follow all steps to get codes in fortnite , v bucks generator no human verification

I now you don’t belive me , because you don’t know me . But some tips a stranger can give to you more that a friend helped you in 1 life . But

!!!Hey hey hey!!!ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR THE NEXT VBUCK GIVEAWAY?!Let me know and Watch my video tutorial and comment for what you will be use v bucks?

Enjoy guys

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